House Call Consultations

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House Calls used to be very popular in Veterinary medicine but in the last few years they have not been offered by many clinics.  We have now decided to set up a dedicated Veterinary service to provide house calls to all our clients.  It’s a great way to have your pet examined by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon in the comfort of your own home.  This not only reduces your stress but may reduced the stress placed on your dog.  Car travel, busy waiting rooms and long delays can lead to an upset animal that can be harder to examine in a consulation room.  The cold table, unusual and loud environment and car trip can all lead to anxiety.

We started our business as we constantly heard things such as, How do I get a Vet to come to my house, can I get a Vet afterhours, my dog does not like the car, or can we have a peaceful Euthanasia at home.

Our Vets are ontime, experienced and love coming to your place.  We can do a large range of consultations at home including

-Ear infections

-Lameness exams

-Skin disease

-Nail clipping

-Unwell, not eating, vommiting or diarrhoea

-Stitches out

-Bandage changes

-Post-operation exams

And much more