Cat F3 Vaccination

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Our F3 vaccination incluldes a full health check and the cost is $160

Other services people commonly book at the same time are

-second pet consultation fee $79 if you would like another animal seen at the same visit

-nail clip $20

-FIV vaccination $99

The Cat vaccination consultation will include

  • A full genenal health examination
  • A dental assessment of your cat.
  • Dietart advice including an assessment of your cats current weight
  • A hard copy of a vaccination certificate
  • Intestinal worming and flea treatments advice

What is the normal Cat vaccination program in my area?

In Australia it is reccommended that cats are vaccinated annually with an  F3

An F3 vaccination contains- Feline Infectious Enteritis, Rhinotracheitis virus and Calicivirus

The vaccination schedule is as follows

Kittens- Age and program

6-8 weeks – 1st F3

10-12 weeks – 2nd F3

14-16 weeks- 3rd F3

Then F3 annually including a health check

If your cat goes outside and has access to other cats we recommend they are vaccinated with FIV, feline Aids vaccination- talk to your Vet on the day of your visit