Home Euthanasia $450-$550

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Home Euthanasia

Euthanasia is never an easy decision but sometimes it is neccesary.  People often ask ‘when to put my dog to sleep’ or ‘when is the right time to put my cat to sleep’.  Our Vets can guide you in this process and will make putting your dog or cat to sleep at home as peaceful as possible.  Our Veterinarians have a large amount of experience will take care of your beloved pet up until the end.  A home euthanasia is a lovely gift or your pet especially if they are suffering

When is it the right time to put my dog to sleep?

Dogs dont talk to us to tell us they are in pain or suffering.  Signs to look out for can include; no longer getting up off the bed, not interested in food or unable to keep food or water down.  Other signs include not being able to walk well or at all and generally no longer enjoying their day to day activities.

When is the right time to put my cat to sleep?

Cats are often good at hiding pain and discomfort.  Being a natural predator they can be very good at looking well even if they are suffering. Signs to look out for include; not eating or drinking, lying around a lot and not able to move around as  easily as before.

What does the procedure involve?

Cats are given a light sedative to help them relax, we usually dont sedate dogs as they tend to be easier to handle when unwell.  The Vet will place a catheter in their leg to assist with the procedure, this is the same procedure as when you are doing a blood test at teh Doctors. Your animal will only feel a light pin prick during the placement of the catheter, that is the only part your pet will feel.  Euthanasia is not painful and once the Vet starts to inject the solution your pet will fall asleep peacefully and very quickly.  You can hold your pet in your arms or have them on their favourite chair or bed.

What does a home Euthanasia cost?

The fees for a small/medium dog and cat is $450 dogs ofer 40kgs $550

What happens after the procedure?


You may decide you want to bury your pet at home in the garden.  This will require a grave to be dug and thought should be given to future use of the area you will dedicate to a grave site.  We encourage people to have a funeral when they bury their pet as it can be a loving time for a send off involving the entire family.

Cremation with ashes returned

We  will transport your animal to our dedicated pet crematorium.  We then return the ashes of your pet in a chosen urn approximately 2-4 weeks later.  Cremations start at $400 depending on the size of your pet and urn chosen for return of ashes.

Have you ever thought of growing a tree over your beloved companion?

We provide ‘forget me not’ seeds to scatter over the grave of your beloved pet

Joint Cremation 

If you dont want to bury you pet then we will arrange a joint cremation for your beloved animal for $99