When is the right time to put my dog to sleep?

When is the right time to put my dog to sleep? 2018-10-02T09:07:53+00:00

The decision to put a beloved pet to sleep is something we dont take lightly.  We know that a home euthanasia can be a kind and dignified send off for your pet.  We encourage owners to take an active approach and decide when they want to send their pet off.  Whilst the time is different for every person the process of making the decision is the same. Waiting until your pet cannot walk or is in extreme pain is unfair and not a dignified way for them to be remembered and unfair for them to have to endure.  When a pet is painful and not controlled by pain medications.  Also not enjoying life, having more bad days than good is our indicator that the time has come.  We are here to help guide you through this process.

Signs to look for that your dog is in pain include but are not limited to

  • not want to get out of bed
  • struggling to get up from lying down
  • limping or not wanting to walk
  • not eating at all or reduced food intake
  • drinking more than normal or not drinking
  • agitated and not as active as usual
  • sleeping more than normal
  • Yelping, crying or growling
  • Be sensitive to touch or resent normal handling.
  • Become grumpy and snap at you.
  • Has rapid or shallow breathing
  • Has an increased heart rate.