Microchipping- $85

Microchipping- $85 2023-08-29T13:23:54+10:00

Worried about what happens when you pet gets lost, with a microchip they are much more likely to come home if lost or stolen.  Our microchips are the smallest on the market and we register them with the two largest National Microchip registries, AAR and CAR.  Once Microchipped you can then register your pet with the local council.

Its now a legal requirement to get a source number before any pet is microchipped- we will supply the instructions on how to do this to you before we visit your house.

COST- $150 including housecall visit or $82 if done during another procedure/visit.  A discount is given for multiple pets

To book a microchip please ensure you have a source number, this is now a legal requirement and needs to be supplied on the day or before a chip can be implanted into your pet.

Visit this website to obtain a source number https://per.animalwelfare.vic.gov.au/